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Oil boom being unpacked for spill exercise

Oil boom being unpacked for spill exercise

The Marine and Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN) is a maritime professional  association committed to expanding business opportunities of its members through a series of professional meetings and electronic networking. The Marine and Oceanographic Technology Network is a US-based professional business association committed to expanding the business opportunities of its members by building marketing
presence, advocating local and regional economic development related to the development of new products for the marine and oceanographic product industry, and enhancing member business practices.

Chris Jakubiak explains Slocum Glider at SMAST
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What Has MOTN Been Doing For You?
Recent Activities and Initiatives

--A Report and a Challenge
by MOTN President Harlan Doliner

As MOTN has continued to ramp-up its activities and efforts throughout 2014, and with greater intensity during 2015 to date, it became clear from contacts with members and others that we need to do a better job in communications: getting out the word about what we’re doing, and hearing from you, our members, more about what MOTN can be doing for you.  To that end, we’ve updated and re-booted our web-site; updated our Constant Contact list and increased messages to it; brought on board Morgan McCarthy, our terrific Program Chair and instituted direct outreach via both in-person meetings and Morgan’s current telephone campaign, as described in her most recent Constant Contact post and on our web-site.  This piece is part of our communications effort, and, hopefully, the first of more frequent reports from me. (Promises, promises..)

We’ve heard you as you’ve asked for more networking, training/informational programs and more contact with industry opportunities and government officials.  In order to do so, as well as to continue the efforts described below, we are reaching out to our member companies and others to re-renew their memberships now.

To encourage you to join or to renew, MOTN’s board has approved:

  1. Freezing membership rates at their current levels.
    [ complete details >>> ]
  2. For companies joining or renewing before September 30, their memberships will be in effect until December 31, 2016.

If she hasn’t already, Morgan McCarthy, MOTN’s Program Chair, may be calling you soon to verify points of contact, get your feedback on what MOTN can be doing for your company and finding out what we might do to be helpful at the upcoming Oceans ’15 conference in Washington, D.C.  Meanwhile, you can quickly and easily join or renew on-line.  If your company requires an invoice, etc., contact Treasurer Mike Mathewson at motn.money@gmail.com.  Of course, we’re always available for other questions or concerns at info@motn.org.

A complete review what we’ve done and some of what we’re planning to do is available through this link. [ read complete report! >>>]  I hope you’ll agree that MOTN membership can be a very cost-effective part of your business planning.   Finally, please consider rising to the challenge of making MOTN an even better organization by resolving to attend one or more of our upcoming events and then consider getting involved in our programs and related efforts.   An e-mail or phone call from you is all that it takes.  I’m personally available at 617-309-2617 or hdoliner@verrilldana.com.

Under way, making way, under command.  Rudder amidships, ahead full,

Read complete report! >>>